Rod Network Belts - Our rod network belts have come into use in many industrial sectors: It doesn't make any difference whether they are used for enrobing, cooling, drying, frying, packaging, heating or cleaning - our rod network belts are always an integral part of the system.

For special applications, our rod network belts can be equipped with pointed or hump-shaped elevations or with troughs.

Chain-guided rod network belts provide optimum power transmission combined with unmatched stability. The metal conveyor belt is made from molded round wire and forms a space-filling mesh between a chain of wooden studs installed on both sides.

Flighted rod network belts are designed especially for inclined conveyors or conveyor sections.

We further developed our rod network belts in order to also address non-standard tasks. ELT conveyor belts are reliable manufacturing tools even under demanding production conditions.

Curved rod network conveyor belts - in short: curve conveyors - ensure safe change of direction in conveying of products. They are particularly useful for conveying lightweight goods and smaller items.

Expanding conveyors are part of the silicone belt product range and share the same favorable material characteristics. They are used in so-called product separation systems and keep goods from sticking together during the production process.