The company was founded in 1939 and changed into a limited company in 1978.

Under our registered brand names HEVALOID® - CRELAST® - SOLUTUS®we produce and supply truly endless power transmission belts, precise conveyor tapes and endless coatings.

The excellent quality and reliability convinces our worldwide customers (OEM, agents, end-users) for more than 70 years.

The strongest and most reliable spiral belts in their class

  • Patented “protrusion leg” reduces system wear

  • Patent pending zero-tension weld increases load bearing capacity

  • Patent pending °360 buttonless weld is easier to clean than a traditional bridge weld

  • Coining process prevents break-in wear and increases belt life

Drop-in replacement belt for self-stacking spirals:
Available in all widths, tier heights, and mesh configurations for spliced-in sections and complete belt replacements
No system drive modifications required
Available with plastic Advantage overlay
Expert technical support and full turnkey installation.

USDA accepted for meat and poultry processing
ETL proven to have the greatest airflow for the shortest dwell times
Highest beam strength in its class – guaranteed not to sag
Excellent product release and easy to clean
Quick no-weld repairs
Guaranteed no black spec

​Woven to the industry’s tightest tolerances to minimize belt stretch, prevent edge sag and ensure a long operating life
Dense weave promotes even heating across the entire width of the band with exceptional product support and excellent relief of cooking gases.
The combination of tight mesh and flattened wire produces a marking pattern preferred by most bakeries
Precision-formed spirals ensure true tracking
Every belt factory tested for true travel in sections up to 200 feet long.

Minimize product damage
Tightest product transfers in the industry
Moves around the industry’s smallest nose bar - down to 5.1inches (0.20mm)
Guaranteed positive sprocket engagement ensures precise product conveyance
Various mesh configurations provide proper product support and airflow for a wide range of applications
Reduce operating costs
Less expensive than chain-edge construction
More durable than single-plane wire designs
Longer belt life than pin roll drives
Open balance weave design is easy to clean

Superior strength and load capacity
Increased Reliability - Tested, rated and approved at 3000 lbs. of allowable tension for 100,000 cycles, which is double the
number of cycles of competitor ratings.
No sprocket change is required - Decreases conversion expense ( additional sprockets may be required).
Up to 48 inches wide - Wider widths availble with application review