Esbelt Founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1970, Esbelt has a significant international presence, exporting %70 of its product to over 85 countries.Its competitiveness is based on three main elements: optimum value for money, a flat, highly flexible organisation, and the shortest delivery times in the sector.Thanks to its consistent sales policy, Esbelt has acquired a great deal of experience and know-how through working with independent distributors and splicing teams, who are able to provide local -24hour service.The combination of Esbelt›s competitiveness and its unequalled emphasis on the services of independent companies, as well as our expert knowledge of applications has enabled Esbelt systematically to grow at a rate well over the worldwide market average.The esbelt baggage handling belting range is manufactured to meet the most stringent regulations in airport safety and operation, incorporating: low noise polyester fabric, high abrasion resistant PVC, certified antistatic to ISO 284 and flame retardant in accordance with ISO 340.

One of the requirements of the tobacco industry is that the belt DOES NOT HAVE the following chemical elements: detect the presence of these elements, a pyrolysis test is carried out, in which a belt sample is subjected to combustion (810º C). In the gas


Esbelt, with extensive experience in the sugar industry, has over the years developed a range of belts specially designed for sugar processing (resistance to abrasion, non-toxic, safe, longlasting), making them, in practice, the best performing belts on the market.


Esbelt›s range of tea belts, developed over many years, meets all industry hygiene and food standard requirements, ensuring extended belt life and minimal down life.


CLINA 10FF: its excellent performance makes it one of the best belts on the market for cutting machines, currently replacing the belts of the main competing companies.

  • Low adherence of conveyed dough.
  • Easy release and delivery of the cut biscuit.
  • Resistance to oils and fats (PU inside).
  • Excellent knife-edge flexibility.
  • Working life much longer than that of the competition.


The In applications where traditionally modular belts were used for the conveying, washing and draining of vegtables, soil and stones can very quickly block the holes and joints.this significantly hinders its operation producing premature wear and continual breakdowns due to breakage of parts.the elasticalty and design of WASHFLOW BELTS reduces the accumulation of waste material, facilitate its relase and maintains the drainage flow


Esbelt has for many years offered belts that provide excellent grip and control of the product throughout the process , offering quality and durability, that result in lower running costs! Esbelt lleva años ofreciendo bandas de excelente adherencia que mantienen la alineación del producto a lo largo de todo el proceso, ofreciendo una superior calidad, mayor durabilidad yobteniendo como resultado una reducción de los costes operativos.